General Information

Our home (named Berkeltuin = Berkelgarden) is situated in a fair-sized garden near the river Berkel on a quiet street. Distance to town centre is 900 m.

On the first floor you can find two bedrooms, a private bathroom and a panoramic view of the garden, the river Berkel, the setting sun, a path across the river, children swimming, canoes and small boats. Enjoy the lawn, the water or ice of the ice-rink and the birds (a.o kingfishers and lapwings) and from time to time cows or skaters.

  • The master bedroom (18 m2) has a twin bed and a small table with two chairs. There is air conditioning, a TV, a microwave and coffee and tea facilities;
  • The second room (11 m2) has a double sofa bed, a small table with two chairs and coffee and tea facilities;
  • The bathroom (4.5 m2) has a wash-basin, the toilet and a shower is accessible only from the second room;
  • The B & B suits 1- 2 people or families with children or 3-4 individual people;
  • The landing (6.5 m2) has easy chairs and a minibar;
  • Both rooms have locks. Our dog never goes upstairs.
  • We use the Covid 19 hygiene protocol.

The lavish breakfast (with home-made-bread, -jam and -applejuice) is served in your room. Gluten-free if required. A packed lunch is also an option. Guests have a private patio under the plum tree, a spot where breakfast can also be served. Maybe you wish to help us pick and eat currants, blackberries, plums and apples.

We live a 4 minute walk from the bus stop of line 54 (2x per hour from the station) and 1.5 km (7 min by bike, 20 min on foot) from the station. If necessary we can pick you up from the station. The station provides a rent-a-bike service.

We have ample free parking space for car, bike or canoe. And a private jetty for canoe, boat, for a swim or fishing in the river Berkel. Our 2 bikes and a comfortable double open canoe can be hired too.

You'll find extensive documentation of all the attractions, events, cycling and walking-tours in your room. We speak Dutch, French, German, English and Spanish.